Monday, February 6, 2012

V-Day & Mardi Gras

I've been feelin super crafty lately.

I attempted to make Valentine's Day bookmarks.
I'm not impressed with how they turned out,
but they got sent out anyway...
& sorry about the horrible pic, my camera hates me.

After the bookmarks were finished
I had a million little hearts and wanted to do something with them.
So, I arranged them in a frame from my previous project.

I even used special stickers to make them 3-dimensional.
I think that's the right word...

Perfect addition to my Valentine's decor.
Don't mind the ivy plant I seem to have killed.
& yes, I stuck the green pot in the pink pot.
I will make mom help me re-plant it if she deems it alive.

Now for my Mardi Gras decor.
Another printable found on Pinterest.
& some Mardi Gras beads that I had to buy.
Hopefully I will have a stash in a few weeks.

I couldn't figure out what to do with the Mardi Gras lights
that I found at a used store, but I like them there for now.

I still need to paint the shelves black,
another project for mom...