Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Re-Cap

Lots of good times w/the Bestie
Including her birthday at the beach.

I moved home to Louisiana.
Started a new job, thanks to Heather.
Spent lots of time with Lindsey.
& learned how to play Beer Pong.

Divorce was FINAL!
Went to the zoo w/Donna.
LSU baseball game w/Lindsey.
Missed Mardi Gras parades because of rain,
but had a blast at the St. Patrick's Day Parade w/Heather.

Ampersand w/Heather & Lindsey.
Strawberry Festival w/Lindsey.
Lots of shopping w/Britney.
A day on the river.
Chee-Weez w/Kimmi.
& crawfish!

Saving Able & Meriwether at the Texas Club w/Lindsey.
Chloe's dance recital at the River Center.
Baseball, shrimp, tanning & Ampersand w/Heather.
The beach, river & pool filled a few days.
& Bon Jovi in Atlanta w/Mom.

Mom & Mark visited.
Chloe's softball games.
Weekends spent at Grand Isle
& the river.
Traveled back to Bama for Ryder's birth.

Visited Mom & Mark in Jax.
Long weekend spent at Gulf Shores.

Night in Downtown w/Kimmi.

LSU gameday parties w/Heather, Britney & Whittney.
Chloe's birthday party.
Mud Ridin at Tower Trax w/Britney.

Way too much alcohol w/Britney.
& an LSU game that included a sunburn.
Hinder w/Donna at The Varisty.
Eli Young Band w/Jeremy.
Washington Parish Fair.
Pumpkin carving.
Double date bowling w/Heather.

Weekends spent in Franklinton.
Moved into my own house.
Thanksgiving in Jax.
Breaking Dawn w/Jenny.
LSU game w/Jeremy.

I turned 27.
More weekends spent in Franklinton.
Christmas in Jax.

(sorry if I missed anything,
y'all know how my memory is!)

It was a really good year,
but I'm anxious to see what 2012 has in store.

Happy New Year!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards!

It's finally that time again!

I enjoy getting Christmas cards
just as much as I enjoy sending them.

So, if you would like one from me this year,
 email me your address:

And don't assume I have it,
I've very good at NOT writing shit down. ha!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My New/Own Place!

I know, I know, I've been moved in for 3 weeks.
But it wasn't picture ready!
& it still kinda isn't...

Its small, but perfect for just me.
Though I do still have stuff in storage.
Mostly holiday (CHRISTMAS!) stuff.
& all my decor as you'll see I have not decorated yet.

Bedroom is small, but everything fits.

I LOVE the bathroom.
Even though I had to buy a shower adpater thingie.

Yes, that's a treadmill in my living room.
No, it doesn't get used.

No dishwasher.
That's the biggest struggle I have.

I love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Spent last weekend in Franklinton, Louisiana.
It's finally starting to look like fall!

(p.s. this is Jeremy) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eli Young Band

I had a date last night.
Exciting, I know.

We went to The Varsity for a concert.

I knew a few Eli Young Band songs,
but I was not prepared for them to rock my socks off!
I'm serious. It was amazing!

& Rob Baird?
Oh good Lord, his voice is a panty dropper for sure!

I had to get an iTunes card after work so I could download some of their music.
You should check these songs out!

Eli Young Band:
Crazy Girl
Always the Love Songs
When it Rains
Radio Waves
Highways and Broken Hearts
We Could Be Forever
Enough is Enough
Oklahoma Girl
Jet Black and Jelous

Rob Baird:
Mississippi Moon
Slow Down Baby
Could Have Been My Baby
Let Me Down Easy
Fade Away

Oh yeah, the date was good too!
Total gentleman. I almost didn't know how to deal with it. Ha!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I suck at blogging...

I used to loveee blogging, then I got bored.

But, I'm gonna try again.
Yes, I know, for like the millionth time.

Life hasn't changed too much.
As I'm sure those of you who follow my Twitter know.

I've made some new friends. Much needed ones.

Even dated a few different guys.
Actually, I don't know what the definition of "date" is nowadays
but they weren't really dates in my eyes.
Stupid boys.
When will I meet a nice southern gentleMAN?!

Anyway, I realized today that it has been 15 months since I've lived with a man.
Kinda gettin lonely over here.

No, the almost year long relationship with the Ex doesn't count.
& it doesn't because we didn't live together and we rarely saw each other.
Ackkk, enough on that sore subject.

I've been looking for a place to move.
Lord knows I'd love to stay here forever but I should probably grow up.
But it's proving pretty impossible.
I need a roommate. Or 2 more jobs.

I have been keeping pretty busy and it has been a nice change.

& of course it's football season.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Two - Nine Loves

1 - Family

2 - Friends

3 - LSU Football

4 - Coconut

5 - The Beach

6 - Nail Polish

7 - Food

8 - Boys w/southern accents

9 - Tumblr

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day One - Ten Secrets

1 - I have way too many Disney movies.

2 - I've been married and divorced. Twice.

3 - There is one guy that I will NEVER get over.

4 - I do not want kids.

5 - I gave up on love.

6 -  I can't always be myself because people judge me harshly.

7 - I am good at keeping secrets. Mostly because I forget. ha!

8 - I couldn't save money if my life depended on it.

9 - I have a very fierce temper,  but can keep it under control.

10 - I am not happy with many of the decisions I have made in life.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Recent Playlist

I downloaded some new music & def recommend them all!

Someone Like You - Adele

Every Breath - Boyce Avenue

Paradise - Coldplay

Without You - David Guetta & Usher

In the Dark - Dev

Not Over You - Gavin DeGraw

Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine

All American Nightmare - Hinder

What Ya Gonna Do - Hinder

Room 21 - Hinder

Mr. Know It All - Kelly Clarkson

Nothing - The Script

Love Don't Run - Steve Holy

When You're Young - 3 Doors Down

Every Time You Go - 3 Doors Down

Monday, September 5, 2011

Single, again...

Well, I started off September being single again.
It sucks, but I'll survive. Always do.

I suggested a break and he broke up with me.
We didn't even have to do a break,
there was some things we needed to discuss.
But instead of conflict he chose the easy road out.
& that pretty much told me all I needed to know.
11 months. buh bye!

I had a good weekend regardless.

I got to watch LSU stomp Oregon with a bunch of LSU fans.

Even had my first mud riding experience at Tower Trax.
I am sooo sore, but it was def worth it.

Donna and I went shopping while TS Lee loomed over us.
& she gave me The Power of Six to read. yay!

Today Heather and I got our nails done.
How freakin cute?!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September!

But where the heck did August go?!

Here's my recap:

Great advice from the boss:
Men do not take initiative on their own
and we should not expect otherwise.

Had quite a few crazy intense thunder storms.

& a few days in a row in the 100s.

Seen The Change Up,
The Help,
Glee 3D,
Conan the Barbarian,
 & Fright Night.

Got a storage unit and filled it up!

Discovered downtown Baton Rouge
& all its fun possibilities.

School started and my work drive became 45 minutes.

Boyf took me on a date to Ruffino's.

Had my very first homemade boiled peanuts. YUMO!

My uncle's wife had his baby.
I'm a 26 yo cousin. Weird. Kinda.

Fireside is back at Bath & Body Works.

I lost my tan. Lame.

I broke a molar.
Who does that?!

Major disappointment
in the Hunger Games preview.

Summer is almost over and that makes me sad.
I didn't see the beach nearly enough as I wanted to.

But I am excited about fall.

Bring on September!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Dance!

I had my 2nd appointment at the Aspen Clinic (the fat doctor) today.
It was a very successful appointment. It put me in a wonderful mood!

I've lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks.
I didn't believe this was going to be good but apparently it is.
I've lost 22 pounds total since starting this journey.
Still have about 20 to go.

My BMI went from 27.8 to 26.0
BMR from 1621 to 1571
Fat % from 40.6 to 39.1 (goal is 21-33%)
Fat Mass from 72 to 65 (goal is 28-52 lbs)

The doctor was very encouraging. He brought to light that I've lost 11 pounds even though I didn't do anything they advised. I haven't been keeping a food journal. I watch my portions but not what I eat. I haven't been exercising. I've even been drinking caffeine.

Now lets all imagine the outcome had I been doing this the correct way.
Yeah, I pretty much want to punch myself.
Lesson learned.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Motivational Monday

I struggle with weight loss. hard core.
But more so, I struggle with motivation.

Visuals seem to help me more than anything.
So, I thought I'd share.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

1. What is your dream job?

I pretty much have it now.
A Monday - Friday 9 - 5 office job.

2. How many best friends do you have?


3. What's the longest road trip you've ever taken?

Southern Illinois to Port Charlotte, Florida about 17 hours

4. If you had to do one single thing every day for the next year, what would it be?


5. What's one story your family always tells about you?

Eating strawberries out of my grandma's garden, bird poop and all.

6. How did your parents pick your name?

I'm not sure, good question.
I do know the original one was Brianna Blythe

7. What's the one thing that scares you more than anything?

Bad weather.

8. Are you a good cook?

I like to think I am, yes.

9. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Where I am now.

10. What's your best childhood memory?

Anytime I was in water.
got this from Jenny

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's On My Phone?!

Roof was repaired at work.
This is probably what caused my flat tire.

This sign just cracked me up.
I had no idea what it meant.
We seen it on the way to Grand Isle, LA.

I hate cows, as you probably know.
Jarrod's house is filled with them.
I get so scared when they're in the road!

Boyf found me some shells at work.
He is too sweet. aw.

Boyf and his big ole redfish.