Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuna Bones

Heather and I devised a plan to save money:
bring our lunch to work.

She volunteered to make us tuna fish.
She did this because she has to dissect the tuna.
At first I just laughed and thought she was crazy.

Later, she sends me this picture.
She said it was a bone that was in the tuna.

Obviously, I thought she was joking.

So, she sent me a pic of the can it came from.

I still didn't believe her and told her to bring it to me at work.
"Yes Jessica, I will put a tuna bone in my purse for you."

Turns out it really was a bone.
I didn't know what to think.

I have eaten so much tuna and never had a bone
(or scales like you see in the other picture).

Turns out that's because the bone gets soft with all the stuff you put in your tuna salad.

Who wants some tuna?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Administrative Professional's Day

Happy Administrative Professional's Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

What's on my phone?!

An entertaining couple from the Strawberry Festival.
I bet they wear this every year! ha!

My sunburn from the Strawberry Festival.
& I thought I was tan... ugh

The boyf's driveway.
Kinda reminds me of a scary movie.

IDK what this is, but the boyf loves it.
& it tastes like cream soda.

The boyf's Easter basket.
He loved it.

The little baby crab that was found with the shrimp.
Yes, Jarrod pulled what meat he could out of it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

I had the best weekend I've had in a long time.
3 day weekends are always a plus.

Friday was spent at a Crawfish boil
w/the boyf's family.

Shrimp was my favorite part.
& the white chocolate cake from Zoe's.

Got to see Linds & Adam for a few mins that night.
They're obsessed w/beer pong. It's entertaining.

Saturday was spent on Lake Maurepas.
My ribs are still sore from the bumpyness,
but it was overall a good time. 

Sunday I went to church w/the boyf's family.
Then had lots of more good food.

This weekend is Jazz Fest & Bon Jovi YAY!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's on my phone?

First crawfish boil. yumo

Chine Glaze - Purple Panic

Heather & I went to Beausoleil one day for lunch.
I was shocked when they served cracklins instead of bread.
(Linds, check out Heather's claw! lol)
Their flounder was amazing!

We also ate at the Jambalaya Shoppe one day.
Best jambalaya I've ever had in my life!

The boyf's pet gator at work.

& more of his photography skills.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oil Spill Anniversary

Can you believe it's been 1 year
since the BP Oil Spill?

Remember horrific pics like these?

A lot of people thinks it's been cleaned up
and done with.

That's not true.

Take it from me, my boyf works for
the Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries.
He's still on overtime due to the spill.
This is why I rarely get to see him.
And no one knows when he'll get a normal schedule again.

Most of the beaches are cleaned up
but it's all on the surface.
Below what you can see,
the sand is still full of oil.

And animals are still being killed.
Like this dolphin who was found with his mouth full of oil.

Hopefully this sweet baby sea turtle survived
after being cleaned off and put in safer water.
(all photos courtesy of the boyf)

Such a horrible tragedy.
Makes me want to ride a bike and not use gas...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

You already know how my Friday went...

Saturday I went shopping
with the boyf's mom and sister.
His mom bought me some Coach shoes.
& his sister served as our carrier. ha!
It was a great girl's day out.

That night was even more girl time.
Love me some Heather!

Donna and I seen Your Highness Sunday.
A must see. LOVE me some James Franco!

Then we had some yumo Yogen Fruz

This weekend will be full of Easter fun w/the boyf.

Friday, April 15, 2011

still no car tags

Today was not a good day.
Thankfully, I only work 3 hours on Friday.

My parents sent me the money to get my car tags.
(the boyf was gonna pay but I was not ok with that,
AND my parents just got a huge settlement
so I didn't feel bad asking them for it.
Yes, I have to pay them back.)

I took the check to the bank, Regions, to cash it
because you have to pay for tags with cash or check.
Those fuckers wouldn't cash it
because I didn't have the amount of the check in the account.
I almost had a stroke.
Never in my life had I head that bullshit.

So, I deposited it and hopefully it'll be there by Monday.
Then I will try, again, for the millionth time to get tags on my car.

I've been trying really hard to not stress so much about things.
I refuse to be miserable all of the time.
But dang it is hard when everything piles up on me in one day.

On top of everything, I'm so sick I could scream.
Claritin don't work, Zyrtec don't work.
Benadryl just makes me sleep. ugh

To end on a happy note,
the boyf drove 3 hours home, twice this week
just to see me. aw

havin the Crud sucks butt

I've never been a sickly person.

But apparently I'm allergic as fuck to Louisiana.
I've had sinus infection after sinus infection.
It's really starting to work my last nerve.

The Robinsons were kind enough to make me a hot toddy Monday night.
(hot Jim Beam and honey)
It was horrible.
But it made my throat stop hurting.
And it made my nose start running.

Congestion is the devil.
I foresee me being in bed all weekend...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the Beach

I don't think people take me seriously when I say I love the beach.
I mean, I'm obsessed.
I'm so accustomed to living close to the beach.
It is my home away from home.
My sweet escape.
I was roughly 2 hours from the beach in Alabama.
& I'm still only 2 hours away from the beach here in Louisiana.
But, I feel like I am sooo far away from it.
Makes me pretty dang sad. 
I doubt I will make it to the beach as much as I did last summer.
But I dang sure am gonna try.
Even if I have to go by myself!
By some miracle I hope to be at the beach this weekend...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's on my phone?

Wal-Mart's Easter King Cakes

Earrings from my Mom.
I got a surprise package from her.

The bestie schemed w/the boyf
to get my fav treats from World Market.

the boyf thinks he's a photographer. (:

Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet