Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Finds!

I have some great products I would like to share with y'all!

I have the peppermint,
but there are other flavors.
It is so smooth and silky.
But not sticky.
& it's just a hint of peppermint.
It is pure love!

I asked for a heat protector for flat ironing
& this is what was recommended.
It was on sale for $32 and I only splurged
because I could bring it back in 7 days
if I didn't like it.
Didn't have to worry about that, it is amazing!
I was really unsure since it wasn't a spray
but I definitly recommend it to anyone
who straightens their hair often.
It makes my hair gorgeous
& is so easy to use!

I try not to over-process my hair.
Which usually leads to a ponytail every other day.
I have oily hair. Yes, even after one day.
I'd heard people talk about dry shampoo,
but was really uncertain of it.
I looked everywhere and this was the
only brand I could find.
Turns out, it works fantastically!
I haven't tried it on hair dirtier than a day yet,
but I assume it would still work.
I def do need to find some in brown though
because when I go overboard it is white...

I've used Scentsy for quite a while now.
I always stick to the usual coconut
or clean scents because I don't have a consultant.
I buy from my cousin in Illinois...
Luckily, Heather has a consultant
that visited us at work so I got to smell all kinds.
I fell in love with My Dear Watson.
I hadn't placed the wonderful smell
until she told me, It smells like the Abercrombie store.
She is correct, it smells just like their cologne, Fierce.
I cannot wait to get it melting in my house. Mmm!

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Jenny said...

My Dear Watson is so much better then Fireside!!! I love it!!!